phones bring back the basic nokia dual sim

yeah i want to move to the place of no phone signal and be able to use a phone only in a certain places phones the noise drives me nuts when im listening to music also its all game of opposites and sods law at the moment
also mobiles make to long calls and batteries are flat
the archos phone i own at the moment is ok but smart phones have 5 hacks keyboards location camera mic and well what does your data say about you how did you shape your virtual reality crap
me im from a place which is strange my mum i loved our books actually i did like computers but it became a time money drain and just well a stress keeping it all sorted
and getting all the important stuff out the way computers are the same as phones now just smaller
yeah my archos is ok but its takes to long
i do love all this stuff computers and music but apple ruined a good product and they are very over valued
tablets are good but the memory is shit plus can you have a touch compiler yet a tablet that can program stuff
the internet of no time

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virtually reality is shit scary in a way

virtual reality worries me because it does fool people also well horror movies extreme graphic games cool in a way but bad for some people and not good
also i swear its mr nightmare alot has nt it all become what does facebook and google say its terrible in i want to move half on the internet grid half permanetly off it
oh i know in a way we can appear to have cool powers
i just had a bad experience with meskilin once because of a cup tea
my brains fried for ever mate
the reality distortion machine thats what it does and takes up every hour of the bloody day
its cool in a way
a 20k resolution image simulator heaven hell and everything in between and sorry no time
i prefer visualizing n my mind rather than looking images and tricks

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to be honest most bugs make my skin crawl

spiders are shit scary but its cool i live in england where thank god there arent to many extreme lethal bugs its one of the joys of england we aint australia america or india or africa
spidermans cool and i was suprised by the result
england is tough in many different ways nature and the jungle of bugs
yeah i do love spidey man as a hero hes different i reckon hed deck superman because thats what spiders do eat things that flies
nice one peter
the small ones are the most lethal the biggest look shockingly scary and its shock that kills

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me i am a spiderman fan


65% Superman
60% Hulk
60% Green Lantern
60% Iron Man
55% Supergirl
47% Wonder Woman
32% Catwoman
30% The Flash

You are intelligent, witty, a
bit geeky and have great power and responsibility.

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sorry i never ever will tell anyone my true secrets

thats why i went mad and isane because where can you speak or talk with the whole bloody world knowing thats why i find the eye and ear always miserable and will anyone ever leave them no or me it seems

i wish we did not live with such stressfull bull shit all the time because it is and its even worse if you have a disability like mine communication and pyhisical problems

the miserable age of the dead of the right to privacy anywhere anytime anywhere in the world thats all most this crap is sorry thats why there alway so good its just who do trust none of em ever sorry and good bye its all crap

cheers thanks to my secret friends and good bye

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i aint interested in smoking any more

it is just how to give up and how do i or all i do is smoke tobacco i could eat better which i am trying to do

yeah i will keep going as i am up the doctors because of bastard smoking

i am so glad i gave somethings up  i did with them so now tobacco

i wish i could escape the same ideas going around for infinity has anyone ever got anything new to say i look forward to when they do cheers

i a mad fool trying to make the best of a bad hand cheers

its cool malonie

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i feel like i see a truth of all history

all that matters is what i do and i will  going up the doctors for quite some time

never give up trying new things or ideas because well sometimes they are golden and good

me its all cool thanks to everyone for everything i just hope here in england we can solve our problems its cool

i will be on it with cleaning up and trying to no smoke and well doing some good magic

i also a pychotic lunatic because i am very ill

thanks for my medication it does really help and well at the moment im lucky

the things i have are pretty good im just trying to get relief and i am some of the time

things are worrying got to keep at with my special books

smoking sucks it is just terrible for me trying to stop

as always be careful what you say and do to people cheers

malonie long may i be lucky well see

i wonder what the approach is to same old problem and how do we go about

i hope i can get better with money and well go to special place some day

me im learning to do what i can with what i have and its difficult

cheers malonie

these days you never know whos listening or watching anywhere cheers have a good day

i hope we get better  i dont know why i feel things are going to get  a hell of lot worse before they get better


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